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We use cutting-edge data science technology. We speak your language. And we know what matters most when it comes to running a successful campaign.


We Use Cutting Edge Data Science Technology

Unlike our competitors that continue to use spreadsheet technology, Vote Strategies does all analysis in highly advanced programming languages R and Python that are better suited for data manipulation and in-depth ad-hoc analysis as well as exploring datasets. Unlike simple spreadsheet technology, these new unique datasets allow us to answer complex questions not possible otherwise. It helps us automate the data wrangling processes and apply them efficiently to help you solve the challenges you face when running a campaign, all while minimizing the errors and saving you time.


Fast Efficient Analysis

We load, clean, analyze, and model data in a fraction of the time the same process (if possible) takes in spreadsheet software. This quick iteration process gives our clients the ability to ask detailed questions, get quick responses, and then explore follow up questions based on the new knowledge.


Customized DATASETS

We use advanced technologies that allows us to scrape data from various sources. The ability to combine voter data with demographic, social media and other non-standard sources gives our clients a significant edge over their opponents using the same old voter lists passed down by campaign manager to campaign manager.


Errors are Costly

We use scripting rather than clicking, cutting down on errors and, more importantly, allowing us to archive each step in the process.

Our Work Process

Take a look at the Infographic below to get a glimpse at what's in it for you. Or, you can view and download it here.


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