Our data-driven,
unbiased insights are fine-tuned to allow our clients to be able to reach their
target audience with great precision.


Predictive Analytics

Make predictions based on empirical data rather than a hunch. Run a successful campaign with smart insights.

Donor Analysis

Use advanced modeling methods to help you find potential donors that look like your current donors. 

Polling Analysis

Get a non-biased analysis of polling data by separating signal from noise via source, errors, context, and methodology-skewing results. 

Data Mining

Find campaign trends and insights by utilizing our advanced applications.  Discover voting patterns that allow you to find your target voter. 

Applied Survey Analysis

Understand voters using online surveys and other mobile data collection methods. Use it to make better informed decisions.

Voter Turnout Modeling

Determine key variables that affect turnout in your area and what you can do to influence them.

Data Wrangling

Clean, transform and combine datasets. Find outliers before they impact your analysis. Give structure to raw, dirty, and undefined data. Don't let bad data influence your models
(and money).


GIS & Interactive Mapping

Find hot spots to target with pixel-perfect district maps and geo-location targeting of your most important constituents. 

Data Visualization

Don’t get lost in endless columns and rows of spreadsheet data. We help you see the big picture by recognizing patterns, correlations, and other trends that matter.

Data Science

Draw actionable insights and gain understanding from disparate data. Describe, explore, and make predictions using various data sources.

Micro targeting

Find the voter subgroups that matter most to your campaign.

A/B Testing

Use statistical methods to find the better performing variant for a goal that will increase your fundraising revenue and streamline your message.



Our Work Process

Industry Standard


Our Proprietary Model

Our smart voter analytics tools are designed to help you target the right voter and maximize your chances to be elected.